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  2006.04.12  10.44
Everyone, everyone will listen...

So I have this friend. We used to hang out every once in a while. I haven't seen him since the beginning of the semester when we ate at Wack-a-doos and his pizza order got messed up. He was online last night. He sent me a very neat gift over instant message. It appears the entire Angels and Airwaves cd leaked early...I'm pretty sure it happens to everyone's music now. So thanks to...we'll call him anonymous...I have the new Angels and Airwaves cd...sooo goooood. It basically picks up where Blink 182's song Always left off. It's just a very chill, out there cd. The songs are kinda anti-climactic, because you kinda expect awesome breakdowns and anthem chorus lines, but they're the same level of excitement as the verses...but for some reason, it doesn't matter, it all sounds good. So anonymous, you man of genius this Bud's for you...

Mr. Anonymous CD Leaker

Today we salute you, Mr. Anonymous CD Leaker.
(Mr. Anonymous CD Leaker)
You've given us the real American dream: Music for free, no obligation to artists worldwide, all from the comfort of your own home.
(Pinch me, I'm dreamin'!)
Pushing cd making to the limits, you offer a variety of every genre, and the occassional empty file.
(Keep on rockin')
If there's rap, you'll give it to us. If there's punk covers, you'll make them available. And if there's emo, well then everything's going to be o.k.
(I thank God for the emo!)
So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, music boy. You know the way to a man's heart…and a few hundred ways to challenge it.
(Mr. Anonymous CD Leaker)

I wrote that for you anonymous. Thank you!!

Ya know...they did one of those commercials for Mr. Underwear Inspector Number 12...hahahaha. Later kidz!

Mood: happy

  2006.04.06  11.54
Angels and Airwaves

The cd cover will look like this. May 23rd is when the cd comes out. I am so excited.


  2006.03.11  23.57
This made me chuckle...


  2006.03.01  13.14

Hey Becca...you ready?


  2006.02.20  12.26
Oh yeah...almost forgot...

Everyone needs to listen to this song by The Spill Canvas


Fade in, start the scene
Enter beautiful girl
But things are not what they seem
As we stand at the edge of the world

"Excuse me, sir,
But I have plans to die tonight
Oh, and you are directly in my way
And I bet you're gonna say it's not right"
My reply:
"Excuse me, miss
But do you have the slightest clue
Of exactly what you just said to me
And exactly who you're talking to?"

She said, "I don't care, you don't even know me"
I said, "I know but I'd like to change that soon, hopefully"
Yeah, we all flirt with the tiniest notion
Of self conclusion in one simplified motion
You see the trick is that you're never supposed to act on it
No matter how unbearable this misery gets

"You make it sound so easy to be alive
But tell me, how am I supposed to seize this day
When everything inside me has died?"
My reply:
"Trust me, girl
I know your legs are pleading to leap
But I offer you this easy choice-
Instead of dying, living with me"

She said, "Are you crazy? You don't even know me."
I said, "I know, but I'd like to change that soon hopefully"
Yeah, we all flirt with the tiniest notion
Of self conclusion in one simplified motion
You see the trick is that you're never supposed to act on it
No matter how unbearable this misery gets

I would be lying if I said that things would never get rough
And all this cliche motivation, it could never be enough
I could stand here all night trying to convince you
But what good would that do?
My offer stands, and you must choose

"All right, you win, but I only give you one night
To prove yourself to be better than my atttempt at flight
I swear to god if you hurt me I will leap
I will toss myself from these very cliffs
And you'll never see it coming"
"Settle, precious, I know what you're going through
Just ten minutes before you got here I was going to jump too"

Yeah we all flirt with the tiniest notion
Of self conclusion in one simplified motion
You see the trick is that you're never supposed act on it
No matter how unbearable this misery gets


  2006.02.20  12.21
Now I've ripped off the ripper

[Seems to be the new thing, so I'm giving it a try]


  2006.02.17  09.33
I guess the gene got passed on...

<td align="center"> Daniel Wilson --

A master of storytelling

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>


  2006.02.17  00.30
Joshie my Joshie...

Still catching up to all those times I tagged you when we were little eh??

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1.) St. Elmo's Fire - Inspection 12
2.) Waiting Game - Yellowcard
3.) Self-conclusion - The Spill Canvas
4.) Ghost in the Bottle - Versus the World
5.) City of Devils - Yellowcard
6.) How I Go - Yellowcard
7.) Staplegunned - The Spill Canvas

Yes, you can see what bands I have been listening to alot of recently...lol

And now I tag just 4 people:
1.) Becca
2.) Carl
3.) Logan
4.) Tylor


  2006.01.27  10.32
Wow...this is pretty cool!

Hypersonic VehicleCollapse )


  2006.01.06  01.57
I'm sorry, everytime I see this episode, I laugh...

George Costanza: So, did you get your new plates?
Cosmo Kramer: Oh... yeah. I got my new plates. But they mixed them up. Somebody got mine and I got their vanity plates.
George Costanza: What do they say?
Cosmo Kramer: Assman.
Jerry: Assman?
Cosmo Kramer: Yeah. Assman, Jerry. I'm Cosmo Kramer, the Assman!
Jerry: Who would order a license plate that says "Assman"?
George Costanza: Maybe they're Wilt Chamberlain's.
Jerry: It doesn't have to be someone who gets a lot of women. It could be just some guy with a big ass.
Cosmo Kramer: Yeah, or it could be a proctologist.
Jerry: Yeah. Proctologist.
George Costanza: Come on! No doctor would put that on his car.
Cosmo Kramer: Have you ever met a proctologist? Well, they usually have a very good sense of humor. You meet a proctologist at a party, don't walk away. Plant yourself there, because you will hear the funniest stories you've ever heard. See, no one wants to admit to them that they stuck something up there. Never! It's always an accident. Every proctologist story ends in the same way: "It was a million to one shot, Doc. Million to one."


  2005.12.06  11.35
Oh yes indeed...

Hey Becca, will you join me on this journey??

<td align="center" style="background: #FFFFFF; color: #000000;">Daniel's Reason for Travelling Back in Time:

To make fun of the upper-class with Oscar Wilde
Time Machine!

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>


  2005.12.06  11.23


Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Tuesday I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points). In January I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn't yield (-8 points). In September I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). In July I stole bryc0007's purse (-30 points). Last Sunday I pulled over and changed beccabear84's flat tire (15 points).

Overall, I've been nice (304 points). For Christmas I deserve a toy train!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Mood: missin' my baby!

  2005.12.02  21.28
Inspired by Becca bear!!

ESFP - The Performer
You scored 72% I to E, 63% N to S, 23% F to T, and 57% J to P!
Your type is called the performer, and you very much feel "all the world's a stage". Your type is part of a larger category called experiencers or artisans. You are playful and funloving, and wish to help all those around you lighten up. You radiate warmth and optimism. Your motto is "eat, drink, and be merry". You share your type with over 10% of the population. You don't like to be alone - ever, if possible. You are always up on what is new and hot.
As a romantic partner, you are fun and affectionate, leading an active life full of friends. You are naturually happy-go-lucky and supportive of your partner. You dislike confrontation, and will avoid conflict discussion at all costs. You tend to let things go, hoping they go away on their own. You feel most appreciated when your partner is affectionate and acknowledges the good deeds you do, but doesn't make a particularly big deal out of them.
Your group summary: Experiencers (sp)<
Your Type Summary: ESFP

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 82% on I to E

free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 82% on N to S

free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 15% on F to T

free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 60% on J to P
Link: The LONG Scientific Personality Test written by unpretentious2 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Mood: chillaxin'

  2005.12.02  10.11
Wow...that's all I got...

Relient K ~ The Truth

And I've collected all these thoughts
And I'm dying just to lose them
And if your words are true or not
I'll die trying to prove them
But I'll just have to accept
That my mind is so inept
And the only thing that's left
For me to do is to trust you

Convince me
Because I really need your help
Oh convince me
Because I can't see this for myself

I'll put the emphasis on the evidence
Begging for the proof
Sometimes the hardest thing to believe is the truth

This is so unnerving
I know you've never lied to me before
But the things you're telling me
I can't yet believe
Yet can't ignore
But I'll just have to accept
That my mind is so inept
And the only thing that's left
For me is to trust you

Put the emphasis on the evidence
Begging for the proof
Sometimes the hardest thing to believe is the truth

It's a world full of cynics
Who say to stay alive in it
You gotta stick with what you know
But the soul is always aching
For the heart to start taking
A chance by letting go

So let go
Let go
Sometimes the hardest thing to believe is the truth
Attempt to place our lives into your hands
Confide in what you'll do
Cause sometimes when you're trying to sleep
And all your doubts and your faith don't agree its cause
Sometimes the hardest thing to believe is the truth


  2005.11.30  00.01
Random pic of the day


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mood: thinkin' about my Becca bear!!

  2005.11.19  02.38
Random Post

I love this poem...so sweet.

"Wynken, Blynken, and Nod"
by Eugene Field

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night
Sailed off in a wooden shoe--
Sailed on a river of crystal light,
Into a sea of dew.
"Where are you going, and what do you wish?"
The old moon asked the three.
"We have come to fish for the herring fish
That live in this beautiful sea;
Nets of silver and gold have we!"
Said Wynken,
And Nod.

The old moon laughed and sang a song,
As they rocked in the wooden shoe,
And the wind that sped them all night long
Ruffled the waves of dew.
The little stars were the herring fish
That lived in that beautiful sea--
"Now cast your nets wherever you wish--
Never afeard are we";
So cried the stars to the fishermen three:
And Nod.

All night long their nets they threw
To the stars in the twinkling foam--
Then down from the skies came the wooden shoe,
Bringing the fishermen home;
'Twas all so pretty a sail it seemed
As if it could not be,
And some folks thought 'twas a dream they'd dreamed
Of sailing that beautiful sea--
But I shall name you the fishermen three:
And Nod.

Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes,
And Nod is a little head,
And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies
Is a wee one's trundle-bed.
So shut your eyes while mother sings
Of wonderful sights that be,
And you shall see the beautiful things
As you rock in the misty sea,
Where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three:
And Nod.

So awesome!

Mood: missin' Becca Bear!

  2005.11.13  23.00

For those who don't know:
1. Pick ten films you thoroughly
2. Find screen stills for each film.
3. See how
many of them your friends can get correct
It's FunCollapse )

Mood: missin' my Becca Bear


  2005.11.08  00.13
One Year...


Today, November the 8th, makes it one year since Rebecca and I started dating. I'm so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing woman as my girfriend. I love her with all of my heart, and I would be completely lost without her. You are my life Rebecca, and I wouldn't trade you or this relationship for the world!

This has truly been the best year of my life. The summer was definitely the most amazing summer of my life! I am so happy, so in love. I can't wait to see what awaits us, and what God has in store for us as we continue to grow together through Him.

I miss you Becca Bear, and can't wait to see you on Friday!!


Mood: loved

  2005.11.08  00.06

Yellowcard NewsCollapse )


  2005.11.06  11.23

You are a

Social Conservative
(31% permissive)

and an...

Economic Moderate
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You are best described as a:


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You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.

Mood: sleepy

  2005.10.19  23.44

Napping is good!  This is totally me and Becca!!


Mood: I can't wait to see Becca!!

  2005.10.13  23.20
Interesting...I can't wait

Tom DeLonge Breaking Silence On Blink With Autobiographical LP, Movie
October 04, 2005
Tom DeLonge wants you to know that his new band, Angels & Airwaves, will probably change the way you listen to rock and roll, will more than likely alter your life and will most definitely be the most famous band in the world. You've just got to give him some time.

"Right now, I'm a song and a half from finishing the greatest album of my career, and I swear it's going to be something that will compete with the greatest rock records of all time," he enthused. "Within two years, we'll be the biggest rock act in the world. There's never been a rock band from America that sounds like us. And I hope that what I just said raises more than a few eyebrows."

This isn't the first time he's said all this. Just last month, he released a statement expressing those exact same sentiments, a move that sent Blink fan sites abuzz with excitement — and a bit of resentment, too. But despite the fair share of naysayers that his statement stirred up, DeLonge isn't backing down from his earlier assessments. In fact, he says he'd like to take them all one step further.

"Like I said, there's never been a band from America that sounded like this. Pink Floyd, the Cure, the Police, U2, Coldplay — they all come from Europe — and this band, it has the conceptual depth of Pink Floyd, it has the anthemic architecture of U2 but it has the energy and youthful vibrancy of Blink. I'm freaking out," he laughed. "And I'm not saying this lightly. Every single person who's heard the music understands. If I ever had the chance in my life to do something on a whole different level from anything I've ever done before, this is it."

DeLonge has been hard at work on the Angels album since March, holed up in his home with friends like former Distillers bassist Ryan Sinn, former Rocket From the Crypt drummer Atom Willard and guitarist David Kennedy, who played with DeLonge in his Blink side project, Box Car Racer. And while he won't give away the title of the album or the names of any songs, he did say that the Angels album is "autobiographical," that all of the songs toe the seven-minute mark and that he plans to have it in stores next spring.

"It's cinematic and massive. All the songs have dramatic crescendos and huge stadium choruses," he said. "If you slam the Cure, Pink Floyd, U2 and the Police into one band with me singing, that's kind of what it will sound like. It's everything you like about those little bands, but also with parts of Blink in there too."

And right about the time the Angels & Airwaves album hits stores, you can look for the accompanying movie to drop as well (DeLonge wouldn't answer if the film will play in theatres or will just be released to DVD). And it should come as no surprise that the film shares the album's rather, um, grand ambitions.

"Since [Pink Floyd's] The Wall, this has never been done. A third of the movie is CGI, a third of the movie is a documentary and a third of it is a love story. And it basically tells the story of the breakup of one of the biggest bands in the world and the creation of the world's greatest rock band," DeLonge said. "It's a documentary about the past year of my life. But the whole thing is done with metaphors and analogies of World War II. Because World War II was good versus evil, the grand sense of purpose, and seeing as though I started this new part of my life specifically for my family, I felt that it would be an appropriate reference point rather than using modern images."

According to DeLonge, both the Angels & Airwaves album and film will tell his side of what happened last February when Blink broke millions of hearts by announcing they were going on "indefinite hiatus". While both Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have since moved on to various other endeavors, DeLonge has somewhat famously remained silent. And he'd like to keep it that way. Kind of.

"I love Mark and Travis to death. They were my best friends in the world, and I miss them tremendously. At the end, our priorities were mad different, and I haven't spoke to them since [the hiatus]," he continued. "So instead of talking, I just made this album and this film. There's a story line that runs throughout it, it's autobiographical, I felt like I lost my two best friends, I lost the band I created, and I did it all for my family. And so I decided to write the album and make the movie about my life. But rather than sit there and whine, I used analogies about love and war, because that's what this whole thing was like. Playing music in the wake of the Blink thing was like finding love in the middle of a war zone."


  2005.10.13  12.46
For fun...

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.

Mood: tired

  2005.10.10  21.24
So it's been a while...

So it has really been a while since I have actually done an update.

I could easily start with yesterday. Rebecca and I spent all day together yesterday, and it was awesome. We did the church thing, had some pizza, then we went out to the movies later that night. We saw that movie Just Like Heaven, and it was AMAZING!! I thought it was incredible. It was the perfect Becca/Danny movie for us to see together. It had a wonderful ending, and the storyline was sweet. Becca and I had this little girl sitting near us, and during the movie she would make comments that couldn't be responded with anything but "awwwww." So neat.

So today the plans involved me going to my first class, skipping the next two, and then going to my last class. That way Becca and I could enjoy a nice day at the beach. Well, one of the two classes I was going to skip was cancelled. God's approval of a much needed beach day?...I think so. So my wonderful girfriend, who never ceases to amaze me, treated me to some Olive Garden...I totally didn't deserve it, but she insisted. Thank you beautiful, it was soooo gooood. Then we hit up the beach, after some confusion as to where some much needed beach itmes were located...long story...hehehe (oh Becca, we are so silly...) We had a blast, and God blessed us with some awesome weather. The water was niiiice. Then we got some Chick-Fil-A, she went home, and I went to my last class. We spent from like 11:30ish till about 7:20ish together. That's pretty darn amazing for a Monday, since she's usually at Stetson on Mondays...hehehehe. Good ol' Fall Break for the Stetson crew.

So the best start to the week ever. There's my update. I love my baby. She is the best. Thanks for an awesome weekend babe, and I hope you have safe travels to Stetson tomorrow!! I love you!

Mood: sleepy

  2005.09.25  01.00

I saw this report on the news a few nights ago.  This is just ridiculous.  It would have been funny to see this on C.O.P.S.  Hahahahahaha.

Two Clay Detectives Suspended After `Practice` Solicitation
Posted by Ron on Tuesday, September 20th, 2005 at 19:41 (Views: 184)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two Clay County sheriff's officers are on administrative leave as the result of an incident Friday at a Jacksonville motel.

A Clay County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman said the two undercover officers were on duty at the time and allegedly propositioned an undercover Jacksonville Sheriff's Office deputy posing as a prostitute at a Westside motel. When the plainclothes Clay officers indicated that they wanted sex, Jacksonville deputies detained them.

The officers claimed that they were practicing for their own undercover vice operations and the proposition was not real.

"There was absolutely no special treatment," Assistant State Attorney Jay Plotkin said. "This is not any different from any other case where facts come in and there are unanswered questions."

Plotkin said there wasn't enough information Friday afternoon to arrest the Clay County deputies.

"There are concerns that have been brought to our attention as to whether there has been criminal intent in this case or not."

According to the police report, the decoy "acknowledged verbally that (the Clay County sergeant) wanted to have oral sex" and that the detective who was with him nodded his head in agreement.

The Clay County Sheriff' s Office said that the sergeant and detective work in the same unit investigating narcotics and prostitution cases and that both of the deputies have clean service records with the department.

If the Clay County officers were working undercover, they were doing so outside of their jurisdiction, but not by much more than a block. The motel where they were stopped is close to the Duval-Clay county line.

The two unnamed officers were not arrested or cited, but an internal investigation is under way. The incident, which was audio taped, will also be reviewed by the state attorney's office.

Mood: I want my Becca Bear!

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